In attendance: Chrissy, Nathan, Jake, Laura, Lea

@MIT: Eesh, Gabi

Absent: Katie, Kevin

  • Award nominations: Lea sent out the award nominations for the Panteleyev award
    1. The reps have reviewed the nominations and decided on an awardee (unanimously but we wish we could give it to multiple people!)
  • Laura: JP Kayaks - Advertise this to JP students for the upcoming spring/summer season
    1. Who is the Kayak Czar (still Sebastian)? We last got an email about it last year, but Laura is checking in with him. The kayaks might be in his basement, but unclear.
    2. Remind people to fill out a waiver and send it to the kayak czar.
    3. Laura will check on it and then the kayak czar will advertise it to the students. Tell the incoming students when they get here.
  • Has Eesh looked at that room we were given at MIT yet?
    1. Yes, he went! It has a physical lock that we don’t have. Eesh is trying to get the key, but we still don’t know how to access it. He will update the Reps when he gets the key.
  • SidPac
    1. Laura has the SidPac keys at WHOI. Lea also has some.
    2. We are unsure if the keys still work? We should probably return them, unless we get the exact same room. Chrissy will give them to Kris, maybe she can leave them in the box on her door (similar to the JP car).
    3. We are slated to move in on June 1st. Eesh and Jake will make people aware that they need to get a physical key.
    4. Do we need to tell people that they have a month to move their stuff that is in the apartment? Eesh and Jake will email everyone, first checking in with Kris.
    5. Eesh and Jake will tell us if they need help with moving.
  • What is the status of the MGG steinbach scholar (name, arrival/departure date, staff host)?
    1. John Eiler accepted. He wants to come July 10th - 12th, but that overlaps with the new student retreat. If that is the only time he is available, that is okay. Maybe the 12-14th instead?
    2. Staff host: Weifu Guo was John Eiler’s student, but he is currently away and has not gotten back to Nathan yet.
    3. Need to keep in mind that we need to reserve rooms in advance
  • What is the status of the CO steinbach scholar (arrival/departure date, staff host)
    1. Kevin and Katie (in June) are out. Lea will check in with them.
    2. Bio will help AOSE with their BBQ
  • Will there be a welcome BBQ/similiar for incoming students (retreat is July 10 and 11)?
    1. 20 students will be here over the summer! Eesh says WOOHOO
    2. We will look at the calendar and schedule around the various Steinbach scholars. We will aim for July. We will pick a date for that at the next meeting.
    3. Summer 2015 had the BBQ on the ball field, we might do that.
  • Lea is giving the new students nice water bottles as an onboarding gift